Brass is popular alloy of zinc and copper that is utilized with various industries worldwide. To prepare brass, copper and zinc are blended together to prepare brass in different grades. Based on mixture quantity, brass quality also differs. Each grade like Alpha beta brass, beta brass, and alpha brass has different properties and usage. Some of the highlighting benefits of brass turned components are discussed below -

Brass Turned Components

  • Highly Malleable

When heavy tensile strength is applied on brass metal then it can be shaped quickly. This is the reason brass can be utilized for different industrial applications. This is also durable that can be transformed into unique shapes and highly flexible in nature.

  • Minimum frictional content

If we talk about machines then there is need of components having low frictional content. Here, Indian brass turned components just work amazingly. This is mostly used for preparing locks, doorknobs, keys or gears etc. The best part is that brass can be availed at reasonable prices when compared to other similar materials.

  • Low Melting Point

One more benefit of opting for brass alloy is low melting or boiling point. This means you don’t have to apply larger amount of heat to melt brass alloy that saves overall energy costs. This can be melted quickly and molded into different shapes with accuracy without applying extra thermal force.

  • Ease flow

The flowing characteristics of brass are also appreciable. This is easy to mold brass alloy into most complex shapes with ease and uniformity. The metal has non – ferromagnetic properties too that makes it easy to separate from scrap metals. This is the reason it can be recycled quickly with convenience.

  • Excellent corrosion resistivity

Brass alloy is highly corrosion resistant and thus suitable to install at the places where chances of corrosion are really high. With so many features and benefits, this would be just near to impossible to say “NO” to precision brass turned components.